Adaptive Handheld Technology

for the Gaming Industry

The search for a suitable handheld device for use in the gaming industry can be frustrating. The product isn't rugged enough, not smart enough, limited battery life or is simply too expensive.

Transigo empowers operators with the ability to choose a handheld device from any manufacturer that fits their needs for their facilities. With a rugged adaptive case and a smart charging rack, Transigo reduces the total cost of ownership of any handheld deployment in the gaming industry to a fraction of what it is now.

Welcome to Transigo

Founded by some of the most experienced technology people in the gaming industry, Transigo has been formed to reduce the total cost of ownership of handheld technology for the gaming industry.

No longer does the industry have to suffer from;

  • fragile, not fit for purpose tablets
  • supplier hardware limitations
  • generic handheld tablets with no history
  • limited battery life
  • hard to manage/update handheld devices
  • obsolescence control
  • premium pricing for rugged tablets

Contact us now for further details and availability of the Transigo Adaptive Handheld Solution for the Gaming Industry.


Our Products

Transigo Adaptive Rugged Case with Smart Charging Rack for the Gaming Industry

Choose any handheld tablet you desire from any manufacturer that is fit for purpose for your gaming facility or application. Transigo will protect it and provide a smart charging rack that you can manage remotely.

For Users of X2 Computing; Spare Parts & Service

Transigo also provide spares and service for historical devices such as the very popular X210 tablet. Batteries are exclusively available from Transigo as well as other components. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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